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So you think you want to write a book? You might want to read this first!

Updated: May 11, 2019

To be perfectly honest with you I had no clue about all the things that would be required to write and publish a book. Compounding matters were my age and the challenges of increasing my technical expertise to a level far beyond what I expected. You see I would have been quite happy if I had never plunged into the social media arena or into the publishing world. However, if a 59-year old can acquire enough of a skill set to accomplish this goal - then so can you, if you have the drive to pursue the passion!

It's not that I had anything personally against social media - it's just that it seemed like a lot of work to keep connected, and it is for the most part. The other drawback I observed was that it could also be misused for perpetrating discouragement upon others. But there I am now with a presence on social media. Those that know me are now scratching their heads no doubt.

What initiated the change in my position? Well, when I began researching about writing and publishing books, I kept noticing that most other authors and writing consultants were recommending that authors should have a marketing plan that included a website and a presence on at least a couple social media platforms - if they were serious about selling books. So, I thought if I'm going to write books about God's word, then I probably want to do all that I could to ensure the book's success. That way if I did fail, I could at least feel as though I had done a satisfactory job in writing, publishing and marketing the book.

So I would again ask are you sure you want to write a book? If you still have the desire, then you will be successful in achieving your goal. However, if now your mind begins to spin and you only want to write - not be a publishing pro or a marketing guru - then writing a book may not be something you want to pursue.

Check back here soon, as I will be writing the second installment on this blog about writing and getting your book published.

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