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Creating a Book Idea - Article 1

Updated: May 11, 2019

Before you decide to actually sit down and start writing a book it is imperative that you know what to write about. Just because something may be of interest to you does not mean that it will be of interest to the masses. Therefore, really think about what would be compelling to a reader as well as a topic you would enjoy writing. Of course, some of the topic answers lie in whether you prefer fiction or non-fiction. Most of us can't write a non-fiction book about the life of CIA operative. However, we can write a fiction book on the subject after doing adequate research. Then we can create characters that act out the lives we introduce.

The point is that unless you consider yourself knowledgeable on a particular subject and have a passion to write about the topic or genre, only then should you consider pursuing that arena. People choose books, and movies, based upon whether they enjoy the genre. The reader of a book has a certain level of expectation about what they desire to experience in their time devoted to reading. If they read, for example, romance novels typically, and you decide to write a romance novel, but know full well that your strength writing lies in science fiction, then you may find blending the two areas to be perplexing.

So make certain that you understand what the expectations of the audience will be - and then deliver!

In the next installment I will cover what to consider in the point-of-view and, the time and place (setting) of the book. So please check back regularly for updated material.

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