My Current Book And The Progression Of Accomplishments (Part 1)

Updated: Oct 4

I am currently writing a Religious Techno-Thriller. Officially I have finished the book, but it is a journey to reach this point.

It Always Begins With An Idea

After completing my first book (Tainted DNA) which you can find under my books page, I had a long-standing idea for another book. However, this time it would be what I call a "Faction" book based upon current events, as well as a little historical tie-in. It would help the reader better understand how events build upon one another to create the perfect environment for one person to seize control of the world through a game of corruption and power. As a work of fiction it would deliver interesting characters that would hopefully keep the reader engaged. Now, that is all I'm going to share for the moment as I want to roll out various things about the book in a methodical fashion, so as to create anticipation.

Endurance Is Required

When writing a book one needs to embrace the fact that the journey will be filled with challenges, many of which can not be anticipated. In this way writing is more like a marathon than a sprint. The sprinter can see the finish line when he begins the race. The marathoner can't even see around the next corner and may need to react according to the situation.

Your first challenge is that idea thing I mentioned earlier. While #writing a novel about a giant rabbit from another galaxy that invades earth to consume the rain forests may be what you want to write about - well let's just say the audience wanting to buy the book may be quite small. Obviously you can write whatever you like, but just be aware it may not sell even though it is well-written.

The next item that needs to be addressed is time. You must make time to write the story. Many distractions will present so you have to stay committed to the process.

There are basically two types of authors, pantsers and ? Regardless of your type you need to make sure you avoid the Edit Monster which will attempt to tell you that you need to stop writing and go back and edit what you wrote earlier. DO NOT DO IT! Keep writing! Will what you wrote previously need to re-written. Yes - probably 3-5 times. So, getting your story down is more important than trying to create a masterpiece right off the bat. A huge advantage we have over our artist brethren is that once they commit and start to paint or sculpt they are committed. We have these things called delete and backspace on our palettes which make's it much easier to change our words.

Be prepared that while you may know how the story begins and ends, writers make their "hay" in the middle of stories. The middle is where many a story bogs down, it is your job to keep the story moving and the reader engaged.

Finish the manuscript and then turn your attention to #editing. This may be the first area of writing that you should outsource. #Authors can easily get so attached to a story that they become "blind" to some of the story's weaknesses. Editing is more than proofreading. In fact, proofreading is the last element of editing. So, if it were me, I would secure a content and structure editor first. Then once your book is reviewed for content and you make whatever changes need to be made which may be a multifaceted, then you can move to proofreading. While I do proofread my books, I also ask someone else to serve as another set of eyes.

This brings us to the conclusion of part one of this article. Be sure to check back soon to see the next installment.

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