Here is my new techno-thriller - ASCENSION: The Rise Of Tyre.

Here is a brief introduction about ASCENSION.

His quest for power, fame and wealth are no different than a long list of people who have already failed throughout history. However, no one has possessed the intellect, ingenuity and support structure that he has obtained. Nothing seems impossible for him to achieve. As the world is faced with unparalleled problems and challenges everyone is looking for a hero. Tyre Ahab intends to be a new kind of hero.

Take a sneak peek at the novel.

July 3, 2037 – London

Dow regretted the decision to run. After all, he was in his fifties, out of shape, wearing black dress shoes and a draping, slick, black-skinned raincoat. He also had not assessed the surroundings very well before bolting from the pub. He had emerged into a steady rain falling, turned east and entered the pothole- filled warehouse district. The waterfront landscape there had very few lights illuminating the darkness of the area. Only one small ship was seen in the inlet, and that was too far off to flag.

He glanced in front of him and could see the large shadow of the one chasing him looming ever closer. Anthony Dow reached in his coat pocket, pulled his electronic device from his pocket and dialed the local emergency number. Right then, his foot fell into a water-filled pothole, the water filling his shoe and causing it to become dislodged from his foot. He barely caught his balance before continuing his slowing, uneven pace in one sock-clad foot.

“911, what is your emergency?” a female voice asked.

“I need help; I’m being chased by a very large man. Please…”

Anthony stumbled and then crashed to the pavement as his phone became separated from his grip, sliding some nine meters from his position. He looked down at his pants which now were visibly shredded at the knees as blood was oozing from the wounds he had sustained in the fall. He also glanced and saw that his hands were significantly skinned, and the abrasions were filled with small pebbles, dirt, and debris from the broken asphalt.

Anthony started to get up, but his knee buckled. The same knee he had surgery on a few years before was not cooperating. He could see that the large figure in the trench coat wearing a hoodie underneath was less than a hundred and thirty meters away; but now he had stopped as though to observe Anthony’s next move. Anthony turned back and located his phone. He began fiercely clawing the asphalt with both hands and feet to reach the phone.

As he struggled to cover the eight meters to recover the phone, all he could think about was protecting his good friend and associate Rashin. A few hours earlier he had mailed her a package with information that would be life-altering. He had been very cautious to make sure he had not been followed to the postal office, and he had destroyed all the routing information making it difficult to trace.

Finally, he reached the phone which had been severely damaged in the fall. It laid in two shattered pieces. As Anthony picked up the phone, the figure continued walking briskly toward him. The figure was illuminated by a light shining directly behind because of the angle. Anthony grabbed one side of the phone and began crawling his way toward the water. He reached inside the guts of the phone and removed the SIM card.....


Tainted DNA: Pursuing Our True Spiritual Design, presents the word of God to explain and explore the origin of our "fall" and how our DNA was irreparably polluted. The book also attempts to show the reader how and why several important aspects of our lives suffered immeasurable harm due to our choice to disobey the Almighty. It is particularly targeted to seekers and those who remain confused about WHY things unfolded the way they did.

For example, have you ever wondered how gender inequality came into existence? Do you fully understand why Lucifer morphed into "The Satan?" Are you aware of the reasons The Satan despises mankind? Is it clear to you why God, through His Son, had a plan to save humanity, and that he is patiently awaiting your invitation to have a relationship with you? 

Presented in easy-to-understand language that even the most novice spiritual seeker will appreciate, Tainted DNA :Pursuing Our True Spiritual Design may take you on new paths upon on each turn of the page.

Please note this is my first official book. I am hopeful that this book proves to be impactful to you and others. If you like it, please discuss it on your digital platforms and ask others to help spread God's message.